About – Melx
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“I have always had a profound love for fashion, design and beautiful fabrics, I believe that every woman should look and feel beautiful, confident and radiate her unique self through the clothing she wears, clothing and fashion allows the modern woman to express her individuality, showing the world who she is and how to be graceful and elegant in everything she does.

When I decided to start this company, I was once again overwhelmed by how important fashion is for today’s woman, and how inspiring it is for me to blend my unique style and vision into the carefully sourced pieces available on this e-commerce platform and also at my personal brand events, I have been working with some of the biggest global fashion houses and local retailers for the past 25 years and have gained incredible experience in this time, it is my honour and privilege to share my journey of fashion with you.

MEL is an extension of myself, my emotional connection with fashion, fabric and design, it is the product of my vision… to execute a unique brand and value proposition through my new fashion label… I offer my love, experience, advice and unique eye for style, colour, fabric and design to each person that shares this experience with me"